Tuesday, April 08, 2003

True DC Adventures

My housing situation in DC has deteriorated and I'm on the apartment hunt. This past weekend ones roomates' friends (Roomie #1) came to town. I haven't interacted that much with them in the past but I'll give my observations/judgements really quickly. They are loudest people I have ever met. They blow the stereotypes of black people being the loudest people that roam the earth. The are the loudest white girls I ever met. They are all also very dramatic so the mission of the weekend was to get out of the house and stay out!'

Friday Night

I come home and greet my other roomate (Roomie #2) and we quickly agreed that we needed to vacate the premises. We both seperately contemplated all day how it be most horrible if we had to endure a night with the loud triplets. We decided to get dressed as quickly as possible and get out before they came. However we moved a little slow. I was too busy contemplating wearing these fashion fish nets I bought last fall. They dressed up my work outfit just enough that I didn't have to change clothes. We finally escaped without too much interaction and headed down to the U-Street section of North West DC. I had never really hung out there as I was in the Adams Morgan all the time and I feel too old for that area. So we stopped for drinks at Utopia. This place had cool vibe and it was a place I felt comfortable. However I would have like to interact with people more. We were sitting close the door and really close to the band which made it hard for us to interact. We had a really good piece of Turtle Cheese Cake. It was a smooth style cheese cake topped with nuts and caramel which gave it a great texture. I would definately go back to Utopia to chill out.

From there we moved onto Bur Nun. Bar Nun was a very intersting place. It has two levels and two completely different crowds. Downstairs is the commercial hip-hop crowd. We were looking for some place to chill so we headed upstairs. It was filled with nice cushy couches and fluffly pillows. The only downside is that they had incense everywhere. I just don't like incense. I grew up around it but I have never liked the smell. We chilled and these two brothers came and asked if they could grab a seat. The two brothers from NY brought a new meaning to sweatsuits. They made them look really good. They had driven down to come to a birthday party/house warming. It was refreshing to just chill and chat instead of running from being groped. As the night went on I noticed that my skirt was rising up my leg and the thigh part of my net stocking had pretty big holes in them. Nothing wrong with showing a little wholesome leg. We head downstairs towards the end of the night. The guys wanted some girls they could get some play from. For some reason they didn't see Roomie #2 and I that way (they didn't even try?).

We headed onto the dancefloor and immediately I was asked to dance by two drunk guys. I know that it was 2:30 but really I was just trying to find something other to do than stand around. One dude actually gave me "the hand" when I wouldn't let him drag me off to a corner for a personal bump 'n' grind sesion. Yeah I said "the hand." When was the last time someone did that to you. So we left and headed to the pizza shop down the street. We got our pizza and grabbed a seat. Then a bunch of guys came in to get pizza also. One guy asked if the pizza was good. Before I could answer he said "Well at least I know which one of you is hungrier," pointing out the fact that I was almost finished while Roomie #2 handed cross the midpoint. He finally sat down next to us and we started chatting. He then proceeded to touch my fro. To my surprise I felt more violated by that than when my ass is grabbed. He quickly apologized as he could sense that i might attempt to bust a cap in his ass :) We sat there and we saw a cab pull up outside.There were three guys in the cab and they sat out there arguing for at least 15 mins. We see them get out of the cab so we dash out the door to grab it. As we were walking by the guys who had just gotten out of the cab, one of they commented "she's fine and she's fine too!" So they kind of hemmed us up before we could actually get into the cab. So they engaged Roomie #2 more than me. As we were finally making our escape one of the boys from the pizza place was also trying to holla at Roomie #2. So she respectfully acknowledges him and he tells her he was talking to me. So I turn around and he says "What I'm not good enough for you to take my number?" I was blown away because I didn't know what he was talking about. Then I realized that he was drunk. It always takes me 2 extra seconds to realize I can't try and have rational conversations with drunk people. I always argue with them while wondering why they aren't logical.

Finally we are able to get into the cab but somehow the three guys got back in the cab with us. So they were inquiring on where WE were going. Our response "was not with you". So the cab driver speeds off before we can get them out of the cab. When then realize they don't all know each other because they are exchanging names and phone numbers. The entire time we are trying to assesss 1) how they know or don't know each other 2) why are they in the cab with us? weren't they getting out in front of the pizza shop? We have the cab drop us off near our house but not close enough so they could see where we lived. We walked about a block and a half and we surmised they may have gotten kicked out of the cab and decided to follow us. Lucky for us we were way ahead of them and we were quickly going to round a corner where they could not see where we going. That was slightly dangerous.....being followed home. However it was all good in the end.

As we walked we also got a call that Roomie #1 was locked out. This is what we wanted to avoid. We didn't want to interact with her and her friends. We get there let them in to find out that one friend is puking and the other one brought some guy home from the club. She offered to take a shower with him. What the hell? If he accepted I would have stabbed the bi-polar anorexic friend and the guy while the were screwing in our shower. This is one of the reasons I'm glad Roomie #2 and I are moving together. We have already learned to share with each other and I don't want to learn how to play nice with anymore people.

Finally two observations that confirm why I made good choice to leave Boston:

"What does Boston have?"
"Not much. No black radio. No black clubs. No black political power base. No drive-thru fast food." - excerpt from Paul Beatty's "White Boy Shuffle"

The Friendly Take Over

Saturday, April 05, 2003


She was used to bearing her soul to the world

That was her catharsis

Instead she decided to let the words stay inside

because she tends to overshare

This time around

Her catharsis came from keeping quiet

Her comfort came from letting her thoughs roam from ear to ear

listening to one another

competing for the spotlight

wanting to be the lead in the play

when the stage was set

the cast appeared

ghost, souls, drama, and pain

however this was only a rehersal

no crowd in sight

the show didn't go on

the show didn't go on

the must not go on