Sunday, January 26, 2003

Super Bowl Sunday

That is one of the good songs from Ozomatli's first Album. I am currently sitting around contemplating whether I should rock a fro tomorrow or not. I am not a fan of picking my hair out so I kinda look umkempt but at the same time I think I look sweet. It would be a new milestone for me. I have been wearing twist for quite sometime and I felt like I really needed to let my hair be free for today. The problem is I don't feel like putting them back in. When I did them the first couple of times I didn't have as much hair as I do know now. It's about 3inches or so depending on where you look. I also experimented with straightening today with a ceramic iron. I must say that if I decide to straighten all of my hair one day I will use one of those they are miraculous.

On friday we went bar hopping in Georgetown and they got me drunk again. I have no idea how many drinks I had. The first place we went to had a piano bar. So everyone was singing along to songs that I had never heard or didn't know the words. I was deffintely out of place. Eventually a rather large black man appears and thinks that he has to impress Simon from American Idol. He was just over doing it. Everyone was rather light hearted and having fun but he was serious and kind of messed up the mood. I will give him his props on his singing ablility and passion but he was just in the wrong venue. He was extra loud and was as big as Heavy D so he could belt very loud. He was beast (pun intended).

Next month is operation slim down. Slim down spending, debt , and me. Wish me lot's o' luck, prayers, and the like. I am going to need it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

It's 70 right now in LA! I want to go home! Oh no I don't.

Monday, January 13, 2003

Bubble Burster

I constantly walk around and burst people's bubbles. I didn't realize this until today. So this is what I am going to work on for me right now. For my birthday my dad gave me a tape. Now he is always trying to get me to listen to a political show or an inspirational speaker (read: pyramid scheme advertiser) so I was really reluctant. I asked him what was on the tape. He told me just to listen to it. I informed him that I need a reason to listen to it. He tells me it was a tape of me when I was younger. He had such a bright beam in his eyes as he sat there remembering the little girl I used to be. I replied, "Oh I heard this before. It has me talking to you and [my uncle] in my grandmother's kitchen." His faced dropped and I didn't think anything of it. Today Mr. Tortilla calls me to let me know that he is now renting a premium car for when he comes to DC on Friday. I replied, "Why did you do that? It will be huge and there will be no place for us to park." Why could I not just let him revel in the fact that we are going to have a nice car? He likes nice cars and I know this. Immediately my bubble started to fizzle as I realized that I am sometimes an asshole without realizing it. I need to fix this now because you can't survive a long distance relationship with an asshole. Otherwise I will find him playing with someone else’s ass hole.