Friday, September 19, 2008


Well again I'm home on a Friday night. Well not for long. So I was just instant messaging with a friend of mine I hadn't seen in a long time. So I asked him how his girl was doing. Well about 3 years ago his girlfriend was in an accident and was in a coma for quite sometime. When she came out of it she had to re-learn everything. How to eat, walk, talk. He told me he had just come back from visiting her and he showed me some short videos he took while he was there. She's still not able to really talk but she is able to express herself. He's making a lot of jokes and she's laughing at him. He warned me that I would cry and I didn't.

Whenever I'm having a rough day I think of Nate's strength. I might run into him twice a year these days but I always remember it. I don't know very many people who would stick around through a coma and her rehabilitation. She's moved back home to another state but he continues to be there for her. When I think of his strength that's what makes me cry. I've never met someone so selfless. I'm crying now because Nate is awesome person. I'm sad that when he had huge crush on me I ignored him, lol. I did tell him he could date me on a date to Wendy's dollar menu.

In a lot of religions we are asked to believe in the unseen. When I think of Nate I don't think I have to. I see God in him and the way he lives his life. I just didn't know I would see it in a skinny kid who wore trucker hats and knee high socks.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yes You is Loud

So I ran into my landlord outside. I hate the fact that she's my age or even younger. Well she ask me how's it going. I say it's okay. I tell her that I'm not used to living under people. I didn't want to go too hard and say how bad it was. It's a basement and it's my fault for not properly investigating. So she asks a few questions to which I answer in the affirmative.

Is it the walking?
Is it the talking?
Is it the TV?

So she looks at me awkwardly and I say "Well I now know you have a Nintendo Wii." We made some small talk about the Wii. I think that was a good way to put it in perspective for her that I can hear things that clearly. She said that she has asked all the previous tenants and none of them ever admitted to that it was a problem. She smiled awkwardly to signal that she appreciated my honesty. I went inside and she continued to garden.

As soon as she came inside it was like the biggest ruckus ever. I giggled because I have feeling that it's just a crappy home and that they aren't really that loud but it's that there isn't a sound barrier. She mentioned that there might be some construction and I guess I should suggest to her that they maybe put in a layer of insulation.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I had no idea the people upstairs had a Wii too.

So someone just asked me why I was home on a Friday night. I stated my reason now I wish I was out on the town. My landlords have a Wii. I have one too so I know all that's involved. Well now they are upstairs making their character called a Mii. I know how fun and exciting that can be. I remember the cackling that happened when we set up one for B. Short, skinny, freckles, big noses, chinese eyes and a kung fu beard. You can make all kinds of crazy looking characters. Unfortunately there is no sound barrier between my space and theirs. They have a friend over I think he stomps his foot every time he laughs. They haven't even played any games yet. It's bound to be worse when they start moving around. It's sad that in 30 minutes the voice of Sarah Palin will sound great to me.

I have no idea why I thought living in a basement was the move. Seriously no one warned me about it. I've known a couple of people in basements but none of them mentioned the noise factor. Everyone talked about bugs and floods. I was enticed by the price. I thought I was giving up closet space. No peace and quiet is gone. An inconvenient truth. What's the point of living solo if you have voices in your living room? Luckily I only have 5 months to go. Maybe I should look more forward to work travel.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

How to Make an Aloo Paratha

This is one of my favorite indian dishes but it's not found on many menus around here so I am going to attempt to make it myself. 

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hains Point Conquered

Well Hains Point is flat so I did the loop three times so I put in about 10 miles. I went pretty slow compared to other cyclist but I don't care. I just needed to do something. I may have big legs but they aren't that muscular.  The whole point of riding is to get them muscular. 

Well to that end, I'm brining on a new addition to my workout routine. I'm going to start Exotic Aerobics at a studio 3 blocks from my house.  On the surface it seems really sketchy to go to the basement of someone's home to pole dance. However, I went to the website and the woman who runs it is simply a personal trainer and decided to get on this pole dancing fitness craze.  She's also Black so that's a plus. You know how I love Black businesses. Well I'm going to start with her Body-licous which is a strength training class. I know what a squat and some crunches can do for me.  January 27th will be one year since I went on this weight loss journey so I'm hoping I can make it to my goal by then. At that rate it's one 1lb a week. I think I can make it. 

Monday, September 01, 2008

That Negro Tried to Kill Me

If you are reading this, I'm still alive. Well this morning I woke up to a slight discomfort. It was my overweight lover with his arm around me. Usually that isn't a problem but today his elbow was poking into my side. Well it was starting to hurt so I wanted him to move it. I tried to say his name and I tried to move. Well I was suffering from sleep paralysis yet again. As the pressure became too much to handle I yelled and screamed. However, he couldn't hear me as nothing was actually coming out of mouth. Nor was I moving around. Finally I snapped out of it as I was beginning to panic and think "This Negro is going to rupture my damn appendix."

I'm going for that confidence ride now.