Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I'm a lunatic.
I'm a drainer.
I'm intense.
I'm needy.
I'm dramatic.
I'm an intense feeler.
I'm fixaited.

The first step is identifing the problem they say. I did that years ago so why can't I stop the cycle. Maybe I get off by staying on the merry go round?

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Happy Valentines Day!

Belated but the sentiment is the same. I like holidays because it's fun to give and think about positive things. So I am single but oddly I had two engagements this weekend. Friday lunch with an acquaintance that went well. I would call him a friend but I hesitate on using that term so loosely theses days. He is really cool people though. Saturday lunch again with someone I barely knew but it was cool to get to know yet another person in the city. I got some cute gifts too.

May 2004
I can't wait until I get back to Cali. There are some things I need to come to terms with back there. So after two days of sub par Mexican El Cholos is really, really, really, calling me. I can't wait to eat my ass off in LA. There are so many gems that I miss. Johnny's Pastrami, Phillips BBQ, Koo Koo Roo, M&M's soul food, Fatburger, In and Out. I am fully prepared to gain 10lbs.

Monday, February 09, 2004

I've Been Summoned

So many people have told me I should write again. Really, I have a lot to say but I'm too lazy to write it down. Now that someone who I didn't even think knew anything about my blog (I see you Celeste) or my online banter, asked me to update so I figured I would do so.

There are lots of deep, personal, and long winded things I could say but let's stick with minor musings. This is DC Adventures right?

I saw what appeared to be a 7 year old attempting to do the newspaper crossword puzzles.

W. Ellington Felton and Raheem Davaughn are quite the comedy duo. However, they aren't comedians, they are singers. O how I don't quite get Urban Ave 31 but the Street Experience Mixtape is on constant rotation.

As the true shopping diva I am. I returned to my throne. So the woman accidentally under charged me for my new pair of Lucky Brand Jeans. I knew it wasn't meant for me to pay that much for a pair of jeans.

Some people are only fun when you drunk with them.

I'm walking the streets to train for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. So I am sure that I will have lots to say.