Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chai Tea Misto

If you go way back on this blog, you will see that there was once an Indian guy and gal on my life. The former was addicted to Starbucks Chai and the latter made homemade Chai. Thus my obsession with Chai. I weaned myself (and my wallet) off Sbux in 2012 but recently I was back on it. Upon return, I realized that that the Chai was just way too sweet for me. It has 42 grams of sugar and nearly 240 calories. So I asked if I could have my chai latte made with a tea bag. Oh yeah nearly sugarless Chai. I can taste many more of the flavors in the chai itself and the vanilla steamed soy milk takes it to the next level. This week I learned that in Sbux lingo it is a "soy chai tea bag misto." It also cheaper and way less calories. You only have the 60 calories in the vanilla soy milk. Such a great find. Yes I could make it myself for way cheaper but for some reason I don't want to. I will do it soon I promise. I have to because those Morning Buns, cinnamon rolls, and glazed donuts call out to me.