Friday, December 10, 2010

Hot Sephora Deal: NARS Lip Stain/Lip Gloss Duo has NARS Lip Stain/Lip Gloss Duo for only $10 and is reguraly $36. If you like this stuff stock up. You should have also received an email if you are a Beauty Insider for a $15 gift certificate (min. $40 purchase) and free deluxe sample of Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder and a mini brush. They have a lot of holiday deals right now.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Holiday Craze

When I was elementary aged all I wanted for Christmas were Cabbage Patch Kids. That's right plural. My birthday is also during the Holiday season so I expected to get several. I was spoiled and I always got several. This year the hot item seems to be Zhu Zhu pets. I have no idea what they are why they are coveted. I have got a deal for you I found on iheartcvs. There is a BOGO and a B2G1 deal. When you combine them together you can get 4 for the price of one. Let me make it clear how this works.

$9.99 ZhuZhu
+ $0 ZhuZhu
+ $9.99 ZhuZhu
+ $0 ZhuZhu
-$9.99 coupon

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Giant Food 12/3-12/9

Here is what is mostly fresh, mostly healthy, and inexpensive at Giant.

$4.77 Sweet Seedless Clementine’s (5lb Box)
.88lb Broccoli Crowns or Bunches
.79lb Kale
$1 Giant Canned Tomato (28oz)
$1.67 Giant Apple Sauce (six pack)

Possibly Healthy*
B1G1 Pork Tenderloin
.99lb Suger G Whole Chickens
$1 San Giorgio Pasta

Not So Healthy
B1G1 Hormel Bacon

*Since we do not know the source of these meats I have listed them as possibly healhty because they may have additives and hormones. I'm still in the process of figuring out if my household wants to switch completly over to hormone and antibiotic free meat exclusively. I have not done enough research on the impact of consuming these types of products. For now we are getting all natural stuff 90% of the time. We just don't want to spend more for some new marketing gimmic. We are concerned with actual health benefits. Since this blog is for everyone I will continue to list all types of deals but make it clearer what I consider to be health promoting.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Knitting Newbie

About five years ago I met a wonderful woman named Sauinell Nichole. She was a software engineer by day and knitter by night. We would go out to dinner or a party and I would ask whre she got that scarf or sweater and she made all of them. I consider myself to be daft when it comes to hand eye coordination so I never asked her how to knit. I just convinced her to make me a vest.

Well this summer Groupon had a nice deal on a beginner knit class from Stitch DC. I learned to make a scarf and hat. I made the scarf right away but the hat I just got around to. Neither one of them is perfect but I think they are great for my first pieces. The hat has some unintended details but it actually looks intentional.