Saturday, February 09, 2008

Getting Things Done

On a general weekend I get nothing done. I say I'm gonna take care of this or that but it never happpens. Well today I accomplished the following things.

1. Dropped off Dry Cleaning
2. Dropped off donations to Goodwill
3. Replaced my license and renewed my registration (2 damn hours)
4. Handled some over due personal gromming
5. Picked up my prescription and that much needed pack of toilet paper
6. Picked up the dry cleaning I dropped off this morning

I know it doesn't seem like a lot to some people but on a general weekend I might do one of the 6. Tomorrow I hope to accomplish about 2 big task around the house and pick up a couple of things from the mall but I doubt I'll do it all. But I'm about to play hard tonight. I'm going to attempt to go out with my girl tonight after a dinner.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Bad News

I'm not registered to vote. I'm pretty pissed. Last February I filled out the application at the DMV when I got my license. So I realized that I didn't know my polling place so I went online to check. Well it says they don't have a record for me. So I can't vote for *********** on Tuesday. I'm pretty disappointed. Ironically I'm going to the DMV tomorrow because I lost my license. Well I won't be filling my voter registration application again because apparently they don't submit them. Really I should have checked earlier but when you apply you just assume you are registered. Yeah I'm pissed.
Close Encounters of the Racial Kind

Now for the 2nd installment. Again I have a Vietnamese nail technician asking me "Is that all your real hair?" I guess the weave queens are the pevailing image in their minds. So I got intot he waxing room and now she's up close up and personal. She comes over to examine my brows and has to move my from out of the way so it doesn't get waxed. I've seen hair like yours before but I've never touched it. Well you can't really go off on the person about to put hot wax near your eye.

In other good news I lost 5lbs this week. I worked hard and my efforts paid off. It was actually a lot more weight that I thought I would lose. I stll managed to eat out and drink alcohol in the process. So whil I did change somethings there was no serious restricting I had to do. I'll share the plan with you at some later date.