Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Here I sit typing away on my blackberry. This is what happens when you
work 14 hour days and during the process your laptop breaks.

Monday, January 22, 2007


When you find out your friend is cheating on their mate what do you do? I'm conflicted right now and I rather not know it's happening. I'm not friends with the mate but I do have respect for the person. It's hard for me to sit back and just watch. I really wish the person was smart enough to keep it on the hush ( i can't say DL anymore). Actually I think they tried to but I believe the person they are cheating with needs validation and keeps doing things in front of other people. I plan to do nothing because I already know shit will hit the fan because one of the people in this scenario is crazy...off their rocker. I just wish I wasn't being made to be complicit. When their mate comes to town I have to lie (by omission) like things are all good. I'm surprised that this makes it uncomfortable as it does.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Every woman needs a gay boyfriend

Finally, not that I was looking I found a gay boyfriend. I don't consider myself a fag hag (or fruit fly) in any way. I don't go out searching for them or anything that blatant. When they come into your life it's a blessing. I was lucky enough to spend four days with this wonderful man. He's orginally from DC but now lives in MD. We have the same sense of humor, he loves to dance, and we both love to shop. What more do I need? We are going to see Alvin Ailey next so that should be wonderful! I'm so happy to have met someone I totally clicked with. He's just a cool dude. Now everyone refers to him as my "gay boyfriend". Two boyfriends....I think I can handle that.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Adams Morgan

I haven't been there at night time in a very long time, years I don't think. Yesterday I met up with my friend from UNC and we went to Felix. An extremely cute and smooth latino dude talked with me at the bar and I loved the attention. It was really funny because I was going to find him to dance later because he just had that much "umph". Later on he starts having this thing with this other short light skinned black girl and I was like "the hell". She's stealing "my man (attention) yo"! It was just hilarious my reaction to that situation. My friend even was trying to play wing woman knowing that it was futile. I think if I was "on the prowl" I would have thought he was sleazy. Knowing it wouldn't go anywhere I could soak up thebrief attention.

Now Adams Morgan really isn't my scence and Felix used to be filled with a lot of pretentious trash. As usual in Adams Morgan things have changed. They had four floors two of which were great. One had a great DJ playing good music where I danced my little heart out. Then there was a lounge area with a band that was great. I would return to Felix on a Saturday.

I took this guys number and I thought I gave him mine but I think I got myself out of that one. I really don't recall giving it to him. I told him that I've been in a long term relationship but he insisted. I have no intentions of anything. I haven't figured out how to make platonic male friends in DC. It seems impossible when I'm so used to having them. It's just so weird.

Now I'm sure some of you probably think "B must get sick of you flirting and giving your number out." He really doesn't care because he knows me pretty well. He knows i'm a punk sometimes. So he laughs at me I'm sure the same way you all do when you read these stories.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Right now my face is all sorts of tones, patches, scales and flakes. I’m not sure what is going on. I’m feeling ugly for the first time in my life. A lot of people have self esteem issues and will never feel beautiful on the outside. I usually feel beautiful on the outside but not right now. I basically look like I haven’t washed my face or can’t afford moisturizer or something. So no matter how fly my outfit is, it just doesn’t matter when you have a crusty face. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow so hopefully they will do something about it.

I think my fiercely dry skin is giving a certain class of men a little confidence. My percentage of hollas from the “I wear a fake NorthFace bomber jacket no matter the weather crowd” has increased about 70%. They are probably wearing T-Skirts under them too. I don’t care what people say…I am very out of their league. The normal professional dude hollas have disappeared.

I’m kind of a classist in some respects but I try my hardest to at least be friendly to everyone. Although I pegged him for the purse snatching type, I made the mistake of having a musical discussion with a guy on the train platform the other day. I was just being friendly I thought. I didn’t see that he would try to “get to know me better” by the end of the conversation. . I couldn’t convince him that he didn’t want to know me so I gave him my home phone number. I never answer the phone.

A week passes and I use my home phone to call GEICO to change my insurance. I hung up with them and the phone was still in my hand and it rings again. So I answer it. It’s him. He starts talking to me and I’m like who is this since he never asked to speak to anyone. He said he was looking for Isabel and I told him he had the wrong number. He insisted that he really didn’t know my name but he knew it was me because of the way I talk. I tried damn hard to get him to hang up but I ended up hanging on him. The phone rings over and over but we don’t have caller id so I have to assume it was him. After two hours of calling he finally left a message asking me to call him back.. I wouldn’t have done that anyway but I couldn’t because I don’t have his number.

I need to learn to be firmer but I’ve seen dudes do some terrible things to girls for giving out fake numbers etc. Some men get their egos bruised so easily. This morning I saw and example of what I was supposed to do. I guy tried to talk to a girl when she didn’t respond he tapped her arm. She said “Don’t touch me” in a firm voice and kept it moving. I’ll try that next time.

Monday, January 08, 2007

RIP Momofuku Ando

Creator of Top Ramen and other Nissin instant ramen products dies at 96. For some reason I feel this man is very important and deserves a space in my blog. He shaped my childhood somewhat...it was one of the few bad foods my mother allowed in the house. A lot of us ate it in college. Where would we be without his man? (in better health certainly but...)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Today my one of my best friends called me today. We only talk a couple of times a year but it doesn't matter because we are friends of quality and not quantity. I blatantly sat at my desk and talked to her for 30 mins while my boss kept walking by me handing me stuff. I simply didn't care. We caught up on so much stuff. She's one person who really knows me and even where we differ, she accepts me fully. We usually spend the holidays together and she and her husband are like my second family. She has been there to console me through many wack dudes and the crazy family antics around my mothers death. Even 3000 miles way I know she'll always be there for me. I also forgot that I gave her the link to this blog so she read but she needs to start commenting.

It got me thinking about all the predictions you make about your future lives. We predicted who would get married first:

College Predictions: Aisha, Sher, Jen
Results: Sher, Jen, ....Aisha's still waiting

High School Predictions: Aisha, Lisa, Quynh, Michelle
Results: Lisa, Quynh,...Michelle would be married if it wasn't for superstitous in-laws, Aisha's still waiting.

It's funny what you think will happen but life has other plans for you. We always sit around (drinking) laughing at these predictions. I was at the top of everyone's list because I dated more than anymore else. I guess I just love trail and error. For a little while (like 24hrs) I was stressing being last but really, I enjoy my life so what does it matter? I think women are socialized to have this artificial sort of competiton. It's reallys stupid and pointless.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

This is an interesting case....i could have sent a few people to jail. Please comment.


Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

I'm really tired right now because I just devoured a meal of ribs, grilled octopus, black eyed peas, greens, roasted potatoes and champagne. I passed on the quail, pig feet, vegetable medley and cornbread. I think I may pass out but not before I taste the rice pudding.

Last wee I was nearly ready to break up with my significant other because I thought he hadn't gotten me anything for Christmas. I don't give to get but come on! I came back from vacation and he made me creme brulee with the gift I gave him. So I'm just waiting for him to bless me with my gift. He hands me a book "101 Things to do with a Tortilla." Cute huh? But really umm I was still looking for my gift. Then he lets me know that he hadn't got me a gift. I was about to get a lil beligerent until he said it was because he didn't know what color to get.

Now I present to you the piece de resistance:

A five quart KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. As you can see I want Chrome. It also comes with a icecream maker attachment. I will be in full effect from now on. This doesn't bode well for my diet plans though.