Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mastering DPNs: Wrist Warmers

I haven't knitted anything in a while because I was tired of scarves. I could knit and purl but following patterns with slip this, yarn over made my head hurt. I firmly believe counting rows is for dummies. I started a scarf early this fall but I never finished. I really wanted to try a new skill. Last week I was in the library and saw a book on mittens. Many of the mittens and arm warmers seemed fairly easy to make. I also needed to make something that didn't require me to buy more yarn or needles. I settled on making very basic ribbed arm warmers. I just completed one hand and now I have mastered the DPN and knitting in the round. I learned how to pick-up knit and pearl stitches, make a thumb hole, and cast on new stitches onto the end of a row. That's several new skills on just one project. I've never had wrist warmers before but today's touchscreen cellphones make them a practical solution to needing your fingers free. No more losing gloves because I had to snatch it off to text.

Picking up Dropped Stitches

I've used this like 4 times in the last hour.

Project 333

I'm a packrat a heart. Both my parents and especially my father always had too much stuff. I try to quell my tendencies but it never works. I found myself with a whole lot of clothing and shoes that I don't wear and decided to do something about it. Enter Project 333.

For three months I vowed to wear only 33 items including outwear, accessories and jewlery. Undergarments are the only things that don't count. Around the same time I signed up for Pinterest and I use it work on my collection. I'm try to have a curated wardrobe I love. When I leave the house I never want to feel frumpy again. I have been doing this since October 1 and it's almost working. Some people think I'm crazy to do this. I have about 30 more days to go before I can get to rework the wardrobe for winter. I'm still trying to work in a few more pieces.

How are you trying get control of your closet?

What it Means to be me in 2011

If you read this blog, the entries are pretty poorly written and full of typos. This was just a public diary with no need for formality or style. But somehow I ended up with a public health job that focuses on new media. I am now a professional new media person. Blogging is part of my day job. It has a ben a whirlwind but life has been kind. With this fast paced life I now crave this outlet again. A place where I can just talk about my life.

This is Thanksgiving weekend and I am spending time with the inlaws. Yes, I got married. Now I lead that domesticated life where I think about throw pillows and home organization. I'd love to be at happy hour but I seem to work all of the time. Since I do not do the cooking I don't work the coupon cycles as much. I step back and cringe as he buys the most expensive cut of meat. I still look for a deal here and there.

I've become obsessed with makeup and trying to do better by my hair. My skin is on point, my nails are done and all I want for Christmas is laser hair removal. All while trying to make an impact on my profession, the children, and pointing out injustice.

I've taken up knitting again. Not that I ever stopped but who has time to knit? I want to have that time. It would be nice to have something to show for all the hours I flit around the house. If not a clean house why not a pair of arm warmers? I get joy from learning to pick up stitches. See it's different now but it's okay.