Monday, January 13, 2003

Bubble Burster

I constantly walk around and burst people's bubbles. I didn't realize this until today. So this is what I am going to work on for me right now. For my birthday my dad gave me a tape. Now he is always trying to get me to listen to a political show or an inspirational speaker (read: pyramid scheme advertiser) so I was really reluctant. I asked him what was on the tape. He told me just to listen to it. I informed him that I need a reason to listen to it. He tells me it was a tape of me when I was younger. He had such a bright beam in his eyes as he sat there remembering the little girl I used to be. I replied, "Oh I heard this before. It has me talking to you and [my uncle] in my grandmother's kitchen." His faced dropped and I didn't think anything of it. Today Mr. Tortilla calls me to let me know that he is now renting a premium car for when he comes to DC on Friday. I replied, "Why did you do that? It will be huge and there will be no place for us to park." Why could I not just let him revel in the fact that we are going to have a nice car? He likes nice cars and I know this. Immediately my bubble started to fizzle as I realized that I am sometimes an asshole without realizing it. I need to fix this now because you can't survive a long distance relationship with an asshole. Otherwise I will find him playing with someone else’s ass hole.

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