Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Premature Exasperation

Me: Since your other bday present was sold out I will get you that
game you wanted.

Him: I'll buy it and you pay me back.

Me: No I want to buy it for you.

Him: Wel make sure you pre-order.

Me: okay

fast forward 3 days

Him: did you order it?

Me: No. I didnt have time.

Him: you didnt have time or you didnt make time?..

Me. Well I still plan to go get it that day.

Him: im irked. Ill just do it myself.

Me: okay. Im sorry.

Fasrforward to the day the game comes out

So i decided with some consultation that i would stilll purchase the
game. I had every intention of getting the game but did not pre-order.
I shouldn't have been in trouble until I failed to come through. He
probably bought it for himself but I decided that technically I did
what I promised but not the way he wanted. If it was sold out then he
could be disappointed.

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rashad said...

So what happened? Finish the story son