Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It takes a brush to make a great face.

As you have figured out by now every three months or so I have a new obsession. Right now it's make-up. My skin is currently not becoming of me so I have worked my CVS and Youtube magic to get some great finds at great prices. What I learned is that it is less about the product and more about the application. What you really need are great brushes. I was using the same makeup as some of the youtube superstars but not getting the same results. After hours of video watching I became convinced I needed brushes but didn't want to invest and I wasn't too sure about eyeslipface $1 line of brushes. Yeah I am becoming high maintenance.

The foundation brush I have now is from Studio and I got it at Walgreens at the retail price of $6.50. I bought that because I was impatient and wanted to see if using a real brush would help me. Well it really did help. I now get great coverage from my drugstore brand liquid foundation. Also didn't need a $32 brush from MAC. According to youtube I need several brushes to get the eyes, cheeks, and lips that I want. Today I ventured over to HauteLook for the first time and they have a set of 15 NYX brushes for $54(retail $99). According to Youtube and Makeupalley.com these are great quality brushes. Here is a little round up of what I am using for now as I sit and ponder a brush purchase.

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation: Goes on light and provides full coverage without looking made up. I personally use the Rich Ginger sade. It covers all my imperfections. The problem is that I still have some dry patches and it doesn't work so well and those areas. $13.99

MAC Blot Powder: I'm not really sure what this is doing or not doing for me the jury is still out. I bought this probably five years ago but I used it maybe three times a year.

Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer: I got this as free gift from Sephora. It provides a light silky base and seems to make my foundation last longer. However I need to find a more economical product when this sample runs out. $16-$49

Studio Foundation and Concealer Brush: This double sided beauty does the coverage trick. It can leave streaks at first but just keep blending until they disappear.

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