Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yesterday's Target Success

Chez Southeast has been less than frugal these days. Our income is back up so I am trying to not go back to our old habits. In September we are sitting down to talk about our goals so that we are making progress. Yesterday I got back to my old ways and headed our to target. Here's what I got

2- 4packs of Shick Quattro Razors
3-9oz bottles of J and J baby lotion
1-box of J and J baby Q-tips
1-Oral B Floss
1-Target Brand Hydrocortisone (i have a bad bug bite)

I used $11.49 in coupons, paid$13.08 and received a $5 giftcard. That makes the final cost $8.05. You can barely find a pack of razors for that price these days.

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