Saturday, June 23, 2012

Challenge, Challenge, Challenge

Wardrobe Challenges and Remixes 

It's time for my quarterly update for all three of my readers. A lot of people know that I love to shop. I have a lot of nice clothes but I have a basic uniform. I wear that shirt with those jeans. I wear that dress with that cardigan. You won't really see me in earrings, never a necklace, barley a bangle. The function for a belt was to hide a waist gap. I like to look good but I wanted to also look effortlessly put together like my friend Bew Radley. So I took some time to study up.

1. I used Project 333 to learn how to pick a capsule wardrobe. I didn't want to have bunch of clothes that I never wear. I made it  through six months but I think it reinforced my tendency to have a uniform. I wanted have style and pizzaz.

2. Then I went on to the 30 for 30 Remix. I used 30 pieces of clothing and shoes and wore a different outfit everyday for 30 days. Accessories weren't included so it helped me learn how to stretch myself.  People at work noticed that I was so well put together and I felt great getting dressed everyday.

3. The next challenge I plan to do is the Freckles in April 21-Day Challenge.

I used Polyvore to try and plan out my outfits. I would have worn the gray skirt and a white collared button down shirt. Plain Jane. Instead I wore this outfit. What do you think?

Spring Office Look One

Spring Office Look One by aishalm featuring handcrafted jewelry

If you are interested in trying to create your own personal style or feel like you are in a rut,  here are some great blogs from everyday people and Fashionistas.

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