Friday, December 27, 2002

Merry Chistmas and Happy New Years!

Oh you don't celebrate Christmas? Really you do just might not be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christmas! I love this time of year mostly because I enjoy watching the History Channel. They have many specials on Jesus. I enjoy these because they put in a historical and not a religous form. I am a believer in good people and everything that uplifts people. Recently I am just a person is satisfied with any positive and is for the greater good. I know longer get involved to religous rituals other than prayer. I will still go to church with my family because there is nothing wrong with that. What could go wrong is that if I use that to hate others, feel superior, or to not think for myself.

I am at home in Los Angeles and well things are reall different. My mother has lost all of her hair from cancer. It is really weird but I try not to focus on that. My cousin has moved in with my mom because she has a baby. Yesterday the baby thought it would be fun to throw up on me. Also I shot myself with my neices allergy needle. So now I have a whole on both sides of my thumb. If went from my palm through my thumbnail. Sick isn't it?

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