Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Giving Back

Yesterday I went that God awful place Chipotle. I don't know why I keep going there but I do. So as I wait in line there is a black and a white guy in front of me. They are having a conversation and the black guy is trying to explain the greatness of Rep. J.C. Watts. So as he is talking he is explaing to the white guy how it is imparative that black people give back to the community. So they get up the front of the line and it became painfully obvious that the black guy had never been to Chipotle before. He was confused and it became a big spectical as he salivated over which items he could put in his burrito shell.

Meanwhile he begins to scratch intensely. He starts off slowly but it gets so bad he begins to expose his back. From there I can see the massive chalk lines he is creating upon his back. I pictured ashy flakes flying from his back over the glass into the barbacoa. After all of the commotion I finally got my food and sat down. I was concerned for this brother. So I began to write on a napkin "you wouldn't be scratching if you used lotion. go home immediately and have your girlfriend/wife lotion you up." I wanted to at least assume that he was with someone. I was trying to give back the community. I started to give it to him but then I remember he was with yt. I couldn't let him go out like that in front of yt, even if he had the ape scratch down.

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