Thursday, August 26, 2004

So finally an update. As usual it comes from having an interesting story. So yesterday I finally decided to get my entire house organized. So I started putting together my office chair. As soon as I attempted to put my first wheel on, it slipped and I busted my finger open.

So I go knock on the neighbor's door because I'm really bleeding and I need a BandAid. So I go over there and he answers. He looks for a BandAid and finds me one. We talked before but he asks if I want to talk more then. So I go in and sit down and we chat. Come to find out that he is also from California, Oakland to be exact. He then tells me that his sixteen year old brother loves the way my food smells. Last week he was home alone and he really wanted to come and knock on the door and ask from some. He refrained from doing so.

So we talked abut families and school. Apparently he is a Sociology PhD student, poet, Christian and Chaplin who curses. So then by the end he asked me if I wanted to go with him next week to see Sting and Annie Lennox. I'm like okay this cool. I'm going offer to pay for my ticket to make it sure that it's not a date. Not that I have delusions of grandeur, but I'm assuming it's friendly but I suffer from "Duh he likes you but you aren't paying attention" Disorder. I've had the affliction for quite sometime. I've learned to cover my tracks just in case.

So then his brother comes home from football practice. He tells me how much he loves the smell of my cooking. So I gather that they don't cook much. So his brother is taking care of him because their mom wanted to move and that his older brother, 19 years older, was able to handle him. The kid is a former drop out and since he has been living with his brother has done a complete turn around. They are half brothers as the young one is gorgeous and the other one is not to my liking.

So then the little brother decides to come over and help me fix the chair. He spends like 30 mins doing it graciously. Next he then tells me that he knows how to get me free cable. So let's take inventory: A BandAid, concert, chair, and cable. I can also use their microwave if I really need to. I see this is going to be a great neighborly relationship. There aren't that many blacks over here so we have to stick together. See what a little clumsiness can do for you?

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