Friday, February 16, 2007

So the scales have shifted on my undying love for the east coast. People ask me how I deal with the weather and I always reply how snow is very pretty or something to that effect. Well today I realize I deal with the weather because I never reallly have to deal. I've never shoveled snow and until today I never had to deal with major snow removal on a car. Well right now I'm sitting here hoping that my roomate comes home with wine because I need to relax. I spent the last 45 minutes cleaning off two cars. Now I didnt have to do the second one but like a good roomate I cleaned off the car she is taking care of for her friend who is going through chemo. Now this was about 3 solid inches of ice I banged my way through. This wasn't ice scraping this was brute force. It was quite dangerous as massive pieces of ice came crashing down to the ground unexpectedly. I know my wrists will hurt tomorrow the way my shoulders and upper back do right now. In the morning the nex challenge will be getting out of my parking space. Thank God I don't have to park on the street. I hear people out there now struggling to get out.

Fortunately I came in the house and I turned on Itunes and low and neighbors music is showing up in my itunes. I didn't realize that my wireless connection was on another network. So I just listed to Corrine Bailey Rae and I don't care for her music. I listened to it because I could. I say if you don't want anyone else in your files don't leave them open. Nothing beats the Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique.


Rich said...

man open networks are great for stealing
and i like bailey for what she is
it's chill music

the chairman said...

You can have the snow. In Miami we are on the back of boats this time of year