Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This weekend I attended a party full of debauchery. I haven’t attended a party with this particular bunch of friends in a minute. So I decided to grace them with my presence. Every one was shocked that I showed up and someone said “It’s official now that you’re here.” Then another person inquired if “my man was around.” He wasn’t but I thought it was hilarious that this was their first statement after saying hello. I got there kind of late, fashionably late I thought, but it seemed that everyone was very intoxicated when I showed up. There were no more mixers really just Bacardi galore so I new I would be impaired shortly. I drank, danced, and entertained myself and those around me. In true fashion when I drink I can’t shut up. Just imagine this combined with having the hiccups. It was terrible even with my chest spasm induced interruptions every 10 seconds, I continued to blab on….and on…and on…..and on. I’m sorry for all of you who endure my blabbering. I'm not embarrasaed about it or anything it's just what I do.

At the end of night, my significant other called and asked me to pick him up from a restaurant because the train had stopped running. He gets in the car and I tell him how much fun I had. Then I exclaim “I didn’t even rub my butt on anyone. You can ask everybody.” I was so proud of myself! I didn’t try not to dance with other people I just never got around to it . I only need myself to have a good time.

The next morning I went to brunch with the roomie at a new place on U Street, Creme. The food was delicious and I can’t be mad at the bottomless mimosas. I highly recommend the brunch. The service wasn’t great but the waiter did everything he could to get the kitchen to get their act together.

The Super Bowl party I went to was decent. I was really tired at that point though and could barely stay awake during the second half. It was a good game and I’m happy for Tony Dungy. The low lights were the three patronizing “We are making Black History (Month)” commercials. The entire audience of about 60 people I viewed the game with were all annoyed with that string of commercials.

Lastly, who names their son Lovie? I hope he’s named after his grandfather or something.


rashad said...

The name Lovie deeply disturbs me too. You don't expect a brother from Texas to be named Lovie..sounds like the kind of fellow who'd share a kiss/Snickers with another man

A Beautiful Life said...


m.g. said...

oh fuck, i dozed off during the second half, too!