Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm typing this to you with tight arms. I went on a 10 mile bike ride yesterday. The only thing that hurts right now are my arms. It feels good but I'm surprised my legs don't hurt. I really think my arm hurt from putting my bike on the bike rack on the car. I have women's style bike but that makes it hard to put it on the rack.

After the bike ride I rushed home to cook some chicken and to take it to Girls Night Out. I was invited by a friend to night of women just hanging out and building with one another. You know they say women are catty but this night just proved everyone wrong. We had a nice time.

A part of this included a male stripper. This dude was well known. All the girls had seen him before. I guess I'm missing an adventure here in DC. They all go to male strip clubs. I've only seen them at house parties and really I don't like them. Something about them makes me timid. I'm so not timid. But dude was just okay. I didn't like his look and that's half of the fantasy. But I enjoyed his show.


rashad said...

Where did you do this bike ride?

kEc said...

I think as we get older women are having more get togethers to bond. I had one this past weekend as well but mines was a tea party. It was pretty cool.