Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It is 49 degrees in DC at 5:30am. Instead I'm in Akron, OH and say it is 15 but feels like -6. Yeah really this sucks. I'm going to freeze my ass off.

In other news I took a Confident City Cycling class Saturday. It really sucked. Dude just sat there and read to us. We didn't get on our bikes. He did show us how to change a tire. I really couldn't do it myself if I had to based on his demonstration. So me and my girl get on our bikes to ride home. In the process of speeding down 18th Street in Adams Morgan we had an encounter with a bus. We followed dudes directions and we nearly were taken out. Then something popped off my girl's bike and flew across the busy street. I was able to stop and cross the street. There was a dude about to illegally parking. I get over there and he gets nervous and inquires "Are you parking enforcement?" Well that solidified my dork on bike status. I apparently I'm the adult version of a hall monitor. There I am trying to get her bike parts from under a parked car in the middle of 18th street. Well after all that we made it home safely but didn't feel any more confident that before we went to the class.

Today is a day when I would have taken a ride to work but instead I'm in Akron, OH. On my way to the airport I had a how not to holla moment. Well this person didn't holla but I was offended by his remarks:

"Where did you get your cuteness from? I mean I'm know you are black but what else are you? I can tell you aren't just black."

So today I was reminded that if you are cute surely you just can't be Black.

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rashad said...

Akron, Ohio? I have MAD family there..Akron is the armpit of America my friend. And that parking enforcement line is hilarious.