Monday, September 15, 2008

Yes You is Loud

So I ran into my landlord outside. I hate the fact that she's my age or even younger. Well she ask me how's it going. I say it's okay. I tell her that I'm not used to living under people. I didn't want to go too hard and say how bad it was. It's a basement and it's my fault for not properly investigating. So she asks a few questions to which I answer in the affirmative.

Is it the walking?
Is it the talking?
Is it the TV?

So she looks at me awkwardly and I say "Well I now know you have a Nintendo Wii." We made some small talk about the Wii. I think that was a good way to put it in perspective for her that I can hear things that clearly. She said that she has asked all the previous tenants and none of them ever admitted to that it was a problem. She smiled awkwardly to signal that she appreciated my honesty. I went inside and she continued to garden.

As soon as she came inside it was like the biggest ruckus ever. I giggled because I have feeling that it's just a crappy home and that they aren't really that loud but it's that there isn't a sound barrier. She mentioned that there might be some construction and I guess I should suggest to her that they maybe put in a layer of insulation.

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