Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hains Point Conquered

Well Hains Point is flat so I did the loop three times so I put in about 10 miles. I went pretty slow compared to other cyclist but I don't care. I just needed to do something. I may have big legs but they aren't that muscular.  The whole point of riding is to get them muscular. 

Well to that end, I'm brining on a new addition to my workout routine. I'm going to start Exotic Aerobics at a studio 3 blocks from my house.  On the surface it seems really sketchy to go to the basement of someone's home to pole dance. However, I went to the website and the woman who runs it is simply a personal trainer and decided to get on this pole dancing fitness craze.  She's also Black so that's a plus. You know how I love Black businesses. Well I'm going to start with her Body-licous which is a strength training class. I know what a squat and some crunches can do for me.  January 27th will be one year since I went on this weight loss journey so I'm hoping I can make it to my goal by then. At that rate it's one 1lb a week. I think I can make it. 

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