Sunday, October 19, 2008

What's Bicycle Girl been up to?

Well she hasn't been riding her bike.  Her office went business casual and she hates changing her clothes. I'm' not one of those girls who will ride her bike in suit pants and heels. I also hate changing my clothing no the bathroom stalls. 

Second,  I have been helping B with is new Bar and Lounge. So I've been waitress, stock girl, dish girl and confidant. It's been fun and so tiring. I've also consumed an inordinate amount of fried chicken, fish, fries and beer. Thank goodness I have to walk and up down the stair everyday. So I don't think I gained any weight. Well I won't know until I get on a scale. 

I've even tried to eat healthy  before getting to the place but the smell of fried foods are too tempting. I can't stay away. I guess I should try and go there uncomfortably full. I have to do something before I reverse all my progress. I have about 16 weeks to lose 17 lbs. I can do it but this is a real challenge.  


rashad said...

Tomorrow night, my brother and I will make our first appearance at B's spot.

rashad said...
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