Thursday, January 13, 2011

Washington's Green Grocer

What's better than an organic coop that delivers to you door? Heaven. This week I tried Washington's Green Grocer since the Healthy Solutions coop is inactive right now. You set up an account and input your credit card number that they keep on file. You can select a weekly, biweekly or as needed schedule. They offer organic and mixed veggie boxes. They also have meat, dairy, poultry and baked goods. You can also switch out items in the box. The another unique feature is that you can select items you never want. This is great for those who have allergies. Since it is winter most of the stuff is not local but they tell your where everything is from. Now for the the important part money.

$37.75-Small All Organic Items (includes delivery)
$34.63-Peapod + delivery charge
$15-Healthy Solutions Coop All Organic Small Box (no delivery)

Still nothing beats Healthy Solutions dollar for dollar. The coordinator had a family emergency so she is taking a break so I will fill in with WGG. The other thing is that WGG has other items and it is all delivered to your door. I think I will use them on weeks where I am busy on Saturday coop days and can't make the coop delivery pickup. But since I am mostly concerned price I think Healthy Solutions is the winner.

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