Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vision Board Workshop

I do a tremendous amount of volunteering and I sit on three boards in my neighborhood. One of those groups is the River East Emerging Leaders (r.e.e.l.) . I am the chair of the Health and Wellness committee and this year we started it off on an inspirational note.

Last year I heard everyone talking about vision boards. It sounded like a load of new age crap to me. If Oprah is doing However, I knew that it was a hot trend so I thought I would capitalize on the New Year and make it my first workshop. In the process of planning the event, I realized that I was the one who needed to set some priorities for myself. With a new marriage, a new budget, a house to decorate, and a new career, I really need to focus. Maybe a vision board wasn't a bad idea.

Two weeks ago, 14 people came together with our facilitator Bahiyyah Parks to think about and commit to paper a vision for our lives. As people shared their boards I noticed that there were a lot of commonalities among the participants' boards. It reminded me that I wasn't the only one struggling with relationships, money, homemaking, and health. It has also made me realize that I need to practice some self discipline. If I am going to accomplish anything, I need to have a vision, set some goals and get it crackin'. No, really.

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