Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Gift in a Pinch

This Christmas was my first as a married woman. I diligently knit my sister-in-law a beautiful scarf. Guess what? She is allergic to wool*. Oh what was I going to do. It was too late to get her something else. About a month goes by and I find out she's coming to town and I haven't gotten her a replacement gift yet. I don't know her that well yet but I always try to get thoughtful gifts. So here I was with about 4 hours to make the gift happen.

I know she likes wine but it was Sunday morning so I could not purchase that. I went to Target to get a few things and I figured that I would get inspired somehow. Then it came to me. She is a hairstylist and on her feet all day. I would get her something to help her relax. I went around the store and got a few items that I could put into a gift basket. That part was pretty easy. Well when I got the stuff home, I wanted to put more of a personal spin on it. I got out my stamps and personalized the gift tag with her name and a nice note. How did I do?

*I later learned that alpaca is not wool.

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