Saturday, November 23, 2002

We've been Robbed!

Welcome back the friendly land of the blog. Well so far DC hasn't proven to be that adventureous. Normally I would have gotten into all kinds of trouble by now but I think I have been playing it really low key. So what has happen lately well not much of anything.

The No No No of the week:
Santi White, she is a very talented song writer but I must say no to her Black Rock Girl singing. I thought my ears were going to bleed at any moment. Me and my girl are still lauging about this.

The Yes Yes Yes of the week:
Once again this goes to Jergens' Skin Smoothing Lotion for Extra Dry Skin. It keeps me touchably soft.

The What the hell just happened of the week:
This goes to my love life. The man of my life that I left behind came to visit and get his girl back. He got her. I was shocked and elated at this turn of events. I didn't know that I would but after 36 hours of deliberations(much longer than the O.J. trial) I decided to give love a chance.

The how urban unsavvy of you of the week:
This goes to my beloved Capricorn roomate. She left $100 worth of paint and paint supplies on our back porch and some one politely walked off with them. We live in DC people. She gets the greastest thrill from telling people we were robbed. She is so cute.

The how urban unsavvy of me of the week:
Obviously this goes to me. DC has hella rats/mice. So we think there might have been one hanging out on our kitchen counter the other day. I could not participate in the antics that were, get the mouse from under the stove. In LA you have to be pretty damn nasty or have nasty neighbors to have rodents in your house. The east coast is a different beast. During the winter rodents come inside of the houses because it's warmer than being outside living in our trash cans. They aren't that stupid, or at least it is instinct. They get a two for one because there is food inside.

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