Thursday, December 05, 2002

You Renigged!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I celebrate a time to be thankful with friends and family. I do not celebrate the massacre of Native American tribes. Honestly how many people even think about that? This was the first thanksgiving in two years that I spent with my family. I went to Atlanta to see some cousins that I had not seen in years. We all had a truly warm, fun, and grand weekend. In the south they seem to be real big on playing cards so there were endless amounts of spades games on going. Now I am not one for cards or dominoes because black people are super competitive and you might get cut if you don't play well. Since they were short one person for spades I had to play. My cousin spent the entire night talking shit and because I was his partner, I was a little nervous. Well we sort of ran everyone off the table. I was better than I thought and as the night went on I figured out some actual strategies. Then I did the most awful thing. I threw out the wrong card and they caught me. It was an accident. You RENIGGED! You RENIGGED! Who thought of this term? It is highly comical when you are in the moment. People yelling and screaming. They take that shit seriously.

The Party
Friday I went out to Atlanta's Buckhead district. This is where all the bars and clubs are. We went into this place called the World Bar. This is one of the most ghetto clubs I have been to.....well ever. It was a little better than some of those Oakland clubs because it was bigger. There was nothing but bootyshaking and grinding going on. So the Britney Spears/Aaliyah/Missy dancer in me had to perform. So there I was sweat dripping, thighs shaking, ass bouncin' having a good ol' time. Now really, under normal circumstances I would have left because I got in free. I didn't want to be the party pooper though. So I just got into the spirit and let my body move. I sort of felt intimidated because girls in Atlanta have some big asses. My ass is currently on shrink mode. I hung with them though. I pride myself on fitting in just about anywhere.

Saturday it was off to the Talib Kweli show with Okayplayer dirtydee. Dude is mad cool and he is originally from Inglewood. Kweli always keeps it hype you know! This is also where I found my crush of the month DJ Chaps from the Long Island 12 Inch Assasains. He was the DJ for Kweli. Kweli put on an awesome set and he reminds me why I love hip hop.

The Friend
I have this friend that I got to know online. We met in person but because he was leaving the country we commuted for about 2 yrs or through email only. You have heard about this guy before haven't you? Well on Sunday we just chilled talking to each from noon to midnight. It was truly a wonderful feeling. That is what I needed for the weekend. Although I choose to live far away from my friends and family it was nice to be around them. My cousins were cooler than I thought and G pretty much made me a happy little lady. I can talk to him about anything and he keeps it real. Real intelligent. We don't sugar coat and I love that about our relationship. It was truly a peaceful time for me to remember what friends and family are all about. So yesterday I call up a bunch of my friend and some of my family. Remember who loves you.

p.s. If you are in a bad mood downland By myself from the Yin Yang Twins. That song is gauranteed to get you "crunk" for real.

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