Friday, March 02, 2007

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I want us all to say NO to white tights! After being away from DC for two years I forgot how truly fashioned challenged people are. I see way too many adult women in white tights and stockings. It's really ugly and sad on top of it all. If you are my friend and you own white tights please say goodbye to them or I will have to say goodbye to you. I only hang with fly people. I'm err umm kidding...maybe.

I'm also trying to figure out exactly how this type of pose protects your hair from the rain. Yesterday the rain came a bit earlier than expected and a few people were caught off gaurd. I saw various black women running from the rain in this pose. If I were them I would have caught a cab or walked into the CVS they just passed and got a cheap umbrella. I remember what it was like to make sure your hair stayed on point.

Now what do these things have in common? Usually nothing but at the gym this white blonde woman with bone straight hair was combing her hair with a afropic. It was the oddest things I had seen in a very long time. She didn't have a sign of kink so I wanted to inquire about her choice.

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