Sunday, March 04, 2007

Today in Sports

I just returned from the Wizards vs. Warriors game. My old boss from two years ago called me to let me know that if I was available that a friend and I could join him in his company's box. Being new to Washington, I took the chance to go and see my new favorite team live. I wasn't going to pass it up. I called a few of my guy friends that I knew were sports fans but they weren't available. Then I remembered that G was from Oakland and of course he would be down to see the Warriors.

Sitting in the box was great. Someone had already set it out with hotdogs, salad, chips and chicken finger. Well that's really not settin' out but you know, free is free! It was unfortunate that this was my vegetarian week and I got side tracked already by the chicken fingers. Then "The Giant", 7 ft 7in, Gheorghe Muresan stopped by to hang with us for a second. I got to catch up with G and J and that was great. You know how I like to talk.

Just when we thought the game is over with just .1 seconds and down three points the wizards draw a foul. It was a pretty uneventful game but we now had a chance to tie the game. Then the coach for the Warriors said something that caused a technical. With this turn of events Agent Zero was able to come through in the clutch to shoot 3 free throws to win the game. The crowd went wild! In other news my boo boo got a couple of fouls in the first five minutes so he wasn't really in the game too much.

Now for the Faux Pas of the game:

They start playing Rich Boy's "Throw some D's" and I comment how the NBA can play the popular hip hop songs but then blame hip hop for everything that's wrong. G listens to underground hip hop so he doens't know who Rich Boy is. So I say "Well it's really funny because he looks like he has Down Syndrome." Then I quickly remember that there are two kids sitting in the box with us who have Down Syndrome. Add one to the loss column for me.

The "How not to holla" of the day:
I got behind schedule and I ended up driving the mile to the Verizon Center because I knew I could get my gym to validate my parking. Now today is the first time in a long time that I have worn my hair down. I guess I was looking extra fabulous or something (well this is what I'm telling myself). I luck up and get a parking space on the street one block from the arena. I get out the car and this dude is sitting on the hydrant and I think I hear him say "Wow you got lucky." I thought he was talking about my parking space. I turn around and say "Yeah I'm really lucky." He replies "Yeah your man sho' is lucky." Then I snapped out of my parking mojo induced haze and realize he's commenting on me.

I keep walking and start to wonder how efficient his process is. I am very well aware that some men play the numbers game. Talk to as many women as possible hoping one will bite. If you are going to talk to women on the street don't talk to the ones who are walking fast. Based on the law of averages she's in a hurry and not going to stop to speak to you. We are even less likely to speak to the guy sitting on the fire hydrant in front of Fuddruckers. I've said it once and I'll say it again. There are some people who are just not on my level. Give them a shower and a job sure but in thier current state it's not going to happen.


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