Friday, July 20, 2007

Get Away

Just in the last post I said I was pinching pennies. However, I just convinced myself that I need to get my summer getway on. I have a week between jobs and I just didn't want to sit around the house. So I pulled out my trusty gold card and set off to find a vacation. I set a budget for flights and accomodations and a few other parameters. It should be near a beach but somewhere very relaxing so South Beach was out. The catch was that I wanted to leave on June 28th which was less than two weeks away.

All week I sat around searching on line sites and I couldn't really find anything that suited my need for short flights and relaxing environs. This morning I decided for one last try. Orbitz was having a sale on packages to the Dominican Republic. As I logged into the site they further reduced my package for being a "loyal customer". In addition it asked me if had a promotional code which I did not. So I googled to see if some nice person had posted a promotional code that applied to my package. Well they did and I had yet another discount.

So I will be spending 4 days and 3 nights in La Romana, Dominican Republic. I'm exicted to just get away from it all. (always plan to woo a sexy DR man with my Spanish)

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