Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Last Week's Penny Pinching Tip

Go to your local library. When I got the idea that I was going to the Caribbean on a whim, even before this whole penny pinching idea, I needed to do some research. I went to and, two very reputable travel websites. I looked around but I really was getting sick of the web and I wanted to read a book.

That day I decided I needed to get a library card. I walked down the street from my office to the library in search of a Caribbean travel guide. To my delight they had at least a hundred or so travel guides about the Caribbean alone. I got high as I walked through the aisles imagining all the places I could go not for this trip but for the rest of my life. It really made me feel like I was missing out on this world since I haven't left the country as an adult.

The other things I have been meaning to learn are how to knit and make beaded jewelry. Yet another reason to buy a book right? I seriously lack hand eye coordination, as evidenced by my poor typing skills. Instead of buying books for a new hobby that I don't even know that I'll like, I decided to go to the library get some books and try it out. That's about $60 I would have willingly dropped at Borders or Barnes and Noble and the library is free.

I actually don't need to penny pinch. I make enough money to do what I need to do and then some. However, why not try it out so that I can do even more with what I already have? I have a tough time with discipline so this is more an experiment with delaying gratification than actually saving money. I want to be able to say eff it all and move to South Africa at a moments notice. There is so much freedom in that. That's what I'm striving. Let's Get Free!


rashad said...

The internets and Borders have really hurt the "business" the libraries do, but it still is a wonderful resource

Kristal said...

The library is great for readers on a budget. I was spending a ton of money on books a few years ago (many of which are still sitting on my shelf unread), so I finally decided to go get a library card. I will admit that now I go browse at Borders or Kramers and end up jotting down book titles in my little notebook and then checking the Arlington catalog when I get home. Owning books is great, but for now I would rather put the money in my travel fund.