Saturday, November 26, 2011

Project 333

I'm a packrat a heart. Both my parents and especially my father always had too much stuff. I try to quell my tendencies but it never works. I found myself with a whole lot of clothing and shoes that I don't wear and decided to do something about it. Enter Project 333.

For three months I vowed to wear only 33 items including outwear, accessories and jewlery. Undergarments are the only things that don't count. Around the same time I signed up for Pinterest and I use it work on my collection. I'm try to have a curated wardrobe I love. When I leave the house I never want to feel frumpy again. I have been doing this since October 1 and it's almost working. Some people think I'm crazy to do this. I have about 30 more days to go before I can get to rework the wardrobe for winter. I'm still trying to work in a few more pieces.

How are you trying get control of your closet?

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