Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mastering DPNs: Wrist Warmers

I haven't knitted anything in a while because I was tired of scarves. I could knit and purl but following patterns with slip this, yarn over made my head hurt. I firmly believe counting rows is for dummies. I started a scarf early this fall but I never finished. I really wanted to try a new skill. Last week I was in the library and saw a book on mittens. Many of the mittens and arm warmers seemed fairly easy to make. I also needed to make something that didn't require me to buy more yarn or needles. I settled on making very basic ribbed arm warmers. I just completed one hand and now I have mastered the DPN and knitting in the round. I learned how to pick-up knit and pearl stitches, make a thumb hole, and cast on new stitches onto the end of a row. That's several new skills on just one project. I've never had wrist warmers before but today's touchscreen cellphones make them a practical solution to needing your fingers free. No more losing gloves because I had to snatch it off to text.

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