Saturday, November 26, 2011

What it Means to be me in 2011

If you read this blog, the entries are pretty poorly written and full of typos. This was just a public diary with no need for formality or style. But somehow I ended up with a public health job that focuses on new media. I am now a professional new media person. Blogging is part of my day job. It has a ben a whirlwind but life has been kind. With this fast paced life I now crave this outlet again. A place where I can just talk about my life.

This is Thanksgiving weekend and I am spending time with the inlaws. Yes, I got married. Now I lead that domesticated life where I think about throw pillows and home organization. I'd love to be at happy hour but I seem to work all of the time. Since I do not do the cooking I don't work the coupon cycles as much. I step back and cringe as he buys the most expensive cut of meat. I still look for a deal here and there.

I've become obsessed with makeup and trying to do better by my hair. My skin is on point, my nails are done and all I want for Christmas is laser hair removal. All while trying to make an impact on my profession, the children, and pointing out injustice.

I've taken up knitting again. Not that I ever stopped but who has time to knit? I want to have that time. It would be nice to have something to show for all the hours I flit around the house. If not a clean house why not a pair of arm warmers? I get joy from learning to pick up stitches. See it's different now but it's okay.

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