Sunday, June 17, 2007

No Taxation Without Representation

Living in DC you pay more "state" taxes than almost every other state in the country. If I moved to VA or MD I could would effectively get a 3% pay raise. I pay more and get less. Eleanor Holmes Norton screams her heart out on the house floor all for naught.

If I'm not going to get all the benefits I am entitled to as a citizen of the United States let me make sure I get all I can for my 9%.

1. Swiming Lessons
They are free to district residents. I will be in the 2008 Olympics best believe.

2. Library
I work 2 blocks from the main library and from Barnes and Noble. Well BN say goodbye to my money. I'm not paying sales tax to buy books anymore.

3. Street Festivals
If the city sponsors it I shall be there.

4. Department of Public Works
Potholes, Graffiti and Trash. They will get a call from me post haste.

5. I will research any all other free city services. It's my right.

If you know of any free things the city offers please let me know. Let's get all we can from this crummy government.


Sha said...

i love all city sponsored street festivals..the food is awesome

A Beautiful Life said...

I don't blame you

rashad said...

Don't forget all the free happy hours you can get into with an email. They are great for after work binge drinking