Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Art of Doing Nothing

I'm convinced my roomate and I have perfected the art of doing nothing. Saturday we picked up breakfast from Mocha Hut, ate, did nothing, picked up Mexican food, ate that, did more nothing. We giggled to ourselves all day that we were doing nothing. It was kind of nice.

Well that meant sunday I had to everything I needed to do in one day. So I did brunch, shopping, cleaning and laundry today. I even managed to stop by my new office put up the decorations I bought. I'm doing a beach theme in my office because that's what is inspiring me to work right now. I'm earning money with the thought of my next beach vacation.

Tomorrow it's back to the grind and a hectic week. Wednesday I start intermediate spanish and Thursday I am panelist at UMD speaking about careers in heatlh education. So enjoy your week everyone and hopefullly I can fit in a real post sooner rather than later.

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rashad said...

Good luck with your panel. And you just reminded me that I haven't been to Mocha Hut in a while