Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Positive Wednesday

Yesterday I checked my horoscope and it said something about “a turn in your career.” I read my horoscope about once a month when I am bored. However, since I haven’t been working to my full potential at the new gig, because they haven’t given a reason to do so, I was wondering if that meant I should save up for an impending loss of work. This morning I get an email from someone in another department saying they saw my resume and were impressed with my background and appreciated that finally someone has the same skills that they have. She’s also a very young black woman with a PhD and an awesome sense of style. Frankly, I’d love to be her.

In other news I’m sitting here at my desk trying to figure out how I am going to make it through the day. As previously mentioned, I ramped up my workout routine quite a bit. This week I finally added some weight bearing exercises back into my routine. Now I am stiff and can barely move in a normal fashion. I’m telling my mind to walk but my body, my body is telling me no! So today I begrudgingly got on the Metro instead of walking. This was particularly hard to do given that it would have been delightful to walk on a day without humidity. Given that I can barely put one foot in front of the other it was best.

As I am walking the block from the metro to my job I am thinking about how bad I feel as everyone is passing me. I get to my building and someone walks in behind me and I notice a faint limp. It was a man who seemed to be slightly physically impaired. He gets off the elevator a few floors before I do and I watch him walk to his office. The elevator operator who always seems antsy says to me “You know he was hit by a Metro Bus, he’s lucky to be alive.” That was a little bit of a reality check and I always hate when that happens.

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rashad said...

Don't let that metrobus survivor let you feel bad about your soreness and your limp. i have stepped up my morning runs, and i am feeling like a mummy my damn self. all i can suggest is some stretching