Thursday, September 13, 2007

My late night search for new undies revealed this review of a pair i was considering:

,"July 27, 2007
I have this in aqua (or teal, I can't remember exactly) and it is one of the pairs of underwear in my drawer that I classify as "comfortable." I agree with the posters below in that it becomes baggy with wear, but I have found that each wash will restore it to its proper shape. It's kind of like jeans - they're pretty tight when you first start wearing them, and when they're all loose 'n' comfy, it's time to throw 'em in the wash."

Last time I checked we only wear undies once and then we wash them. This has to be one of the grossest things I've read in a while.


rashad said...

I've never heard of "double dipping" underwear..that's perverse

A Well Destined Child said...

Yeah....that'a pretty damn disgusting...ewwww!