Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Healthy New Year

I am happy to report that I lost 24 pounds in 2008. Here's to a few more and toning in 2009. As I said a couple of posts back I'd like to focus this blog on how I got there. First I joined Weight Watchers in January 2008. It was the end of January because I don't make resolutions. It was a fateful weekend in late January where I consumed nothing but cupcakes and realized that is just not acceptable.  As a person who tried to be healthy and spent tons of money on organic groceries I was still overweight. I realized that I had been at a steady weight for about 4 years but I felt fat and didn't like taking pictures anymore. I knew a few people who were Weight Watchers members and they were having success but I still shunned the idea of joining a weight loss program. I always thought I would accomplish my weight loss goals with just plain common sense and the fact that I have a Masters Degree in Health Behavior and Health Education.  Well I would have been out of job by now if people changed their health behaviors that easily. 

So I joined and it worked. What I learned was awareness. Who knew that my Chipotle Burritos had a days worth of calories in them?!?! I knew that I needed to follow some sort of plan. However, I had a difficult time following other plans because I can't just eat what's prescribed. At the time Weight Watchers had the Flex Plan and that worked for me. I could still eat what ever I wanted but I had to plan for it and make sure it fit into my POINTS (calorie-like) budget. The budget forced me to make some decisions because I could eat whatever I wanted but that didn't mean I could eat the not so healthy things as often and in the same quantities (Hello Hamburger Happy Meal).  I had my ups and downs through the year but I made a lot of progress.  So this year I decided I would share my health and fitness goals for 2009. 

1. Drink 48 fl. ounces of water or decaf tea day
2. Become a Weight Watchers Lifetime member.
3. Maintain the blog weekly

That's it. Well number two has a couple of components. I have to reach my goal weight and maintain it for 6 weeks.  Number 3 is very exciting to me. I already have the first couple of installments waiting on deck.  Look forward to hearing about my Wii fitness challenge and "On Hand Foods" in January. 


rashad said...

Congrats on the weight loss my friend. How much more are you trying to lose?

Nichole said...

i hope to be able to make similar progress this year.
thanks for the inspiration.

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

R-I haven't decided how much exactly. Somewhere between 10-15 more. However, I need to be where I feel good in a bathing suit. So a lot of it is about measurements.

N-Good luck. Let me know if you want me to cover anything specific in the blog.