Saturday, January 17, 2009

What not to eat?

That's the first thing people tell me when we talk about weight loss. They always want to tell me what they are going to stop eating. For me, I didn't give up anything I loved. I still eat french fries and drink Stella Artois. What I had to do was keep eating the things I loved but if something wasn't my favorite then why eat all those calories? I also realized that I couldn't "ball out" on every meal. I had to choose my indulgences wisely. Last, I did love some healthy foods so why not eat more of them?

(In this photo: Sip to Live Tea, Thomas' Light Multi-Grain English Muffins, Dole Frozen Mango, Stonyfield Fat Free Yogurt, All Whites,  Giant Frozen Asparagus)

So what do I eat?

Let's start with breakfast.  I used to freaking hate egg whites because folks always wanted to scramble them. However in an omelette they are decent. In my fridge I have a carton of All Whites, canadian bacon, frozen asparagus, frozen spinach and shredded Cabot 75% light cheese. Along with my non stick pan I can whip up and omelet in no time.  Doesn't a bacon, spinach and cheese omelet  sound great? It has protein and vegetables so you start your day right. It's very low in calories and fat. So then you can add a light english muffin with jelly and a fruit smoothie and still come out low in calories and fat. That's a lot of food and we are only at 300 calories or 5 Weight Watchers Points.

To make this work you need to chop the canadian bacon and asparagus. If you use spinach, keep it in the fridge to thaw. The cheese should be shredded in advance. So then when you wake up all you have to do it pour and sprinkle all your ingredients in.  For the smoothies just make a large batch and drink it for the next couple of days. For my smoothie I use frozen fruit, low fat yogurt, light vanilla soy milk and honey.  Eating this meal helps me get my fruits and vegetables in early.

The other thing I eat often is oatmeal. I recently switched to quick oats and just doing them in the microwave and adding my own flavorings. It's cheaper than using the instant packs and I can change up the flavor everyday. You know adding your own maple and brown sugar is pretty easy.  Adding some craisins and sliced almonds is also very good. The trick to this is to microwave your oatmeal for 1 minute of Medium or 50% power so it doesn't bowl over. 

I also love a good egg McMuffin but making my own is healthier and saves on calories and fat.  I use one one egg or egg whites, light english muffin, Canadian bacon and Cabot 75% light cheese. 

None of these meals takes more than 5 minutes to make as long as you have your ingredients are prepped in advanced. 

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