Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting the Linen Closet Up To Snuff $10

It's happened to all of us.

Damn I can't close the linen closet!

Damn where is my favorite lotion!

Damn we are out of toilet paper and I need to wipe my bum right now!

Big fail. After the wedding we bought nice fluffy grown up towels but getting them into the linen closet was a big chore. Fold this way, fold that way. Even youtube couldn't help me. We had so much junk in the linen closet. Random lotion gift sets, four neti pots (don't ask), and plenty of stuff from my coupon hauls. I've organized it before but with the shelves only being 8inches deep, everything always manages to be in the way or I just knock everything over. It was kind of out of control and I should have taken a picture of it. Instead I visited my friend the internet for some inspiration.

I figured the container strategy was my best bet. Each thing would have a home and I would have a harder time knocking things over.

I'm really digging the tags on that first pic and I am jealous they have room for a hamper. My first instinct is always to run to The Container Store but things can get pricey pretty quickly. However, I know everything is quality (and cute!). But sometimes you don't great quality you just need practical. Enter Dollar Tree. I discovered this store during the wedding and they do have a decent selection of things I need. I hate how disorganized it is and how grumpy the employees are but sometimes I just need what I need. Plus everything is a dollar. My toilet paper doesn't need a $7 basket.

What I need to make this all work were storage containers.

Dollar Tree ($1.00) Container Store (starting at 2.99)

I think I managed to find practical and cute solutions. The boxes aren't that sturdy but I don't need them to be. Most days they will just sit on a shelf. But having the boxes isn't enough. You have have an organizational system.

My strategy is to put like things together.
  • Hair Products
  • Feminine Products
  • Oral Care
  • Razors Handles
  • Razor Cartridges
  • Hair Ties
  • Toilet Paper Basket

For my makeup I further broke things into smaller bins so they would be easy to grab in the morning. I actually managed to get most of the medicine cabinet and the under the bathroom sink into the linen closet. The best part is that I did this for $8 total. Now I'm off to make cute little tags for the baskets.

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