Saturday, February 04, 2012

Save Martha

Boring and high falutin' she may be but she is my inspiration. When I was in college Martha Stewart was at her prime. She was on TV telling me how to upgrade my cooking, upgrade my bedding, upgrade my life. That was Martha. I never loved to cook but I enjoyed entertaining and I didn't want to be a starving student nor gain the freshman 15. So I cooked, simple stuff, but it made my home a place where people wanted to be. I think I've lost that and it's draining me (and making me fat!). I need to return to the place where cooking was essential. Now the the internet is full of resources about upgrading your life these days . So let's start with Joy the Baker's Almond Milk Steamer. It's easy, classic, sophisticated. So as you sit planning your shopping, (I know that's what I am doing) sip and enjoy the good life.

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