Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Do you know that song "Summertime" by the Lost Boyz?

This DC thing seems really cool. What is weird is that I haven't met that many people yet but I seem to have a full schedule all of the time. With yoga twice a week and then Thursday night happy hour and Saturday night antics then I seem to be busy. I'm interested though in meeting some folks of color. I just haven't found time to do so.

On Saturday

I have also been sick for over a week and well I'm tired of it. So on saturday night we walked down to Adams Morgan to go to Madam's Organ. I am such a light weight that after having two drinks at home and two more drinks while we were out it was safe to say that with one more drink I would be under the table. Randomly some guys come to talk to us and we find out that they went to Ohio State which has way more people than Berkeley. My roomate went to Ohio State so she just started talking to them. As the night went on and they ran out of cigarettes to smoke they started bartering with other people. Somehow they got onto the topic of music and the song "Summertime" came on. Not Gershwin's version but I think it was a version by LEM or Smashmouth, I forget who sings it. So then the drunk dude starts singing the Will Smith version and so the conversation turns "How many other songs named "Summertime" can we name?" Now that's only what drunk people do. So they say to the boy, "Do you know that song "Summertime" by the Lost Boyz?" Now he wants to know who the Lost Boyz are. He admits he mostly listens to country. So they go off on the boy saying "You don't the Lost Boyz or Mr. Cheese?" (umm rachel honeny it's Mr. Cheeks!) Puzzled that he didn't know I thought they might pound on him any moment. I was worried for the poor fat boyz safety. The Ithaca twins were going to jump him because he hadn' heard of the Lost Boyz. Now your average radio listener doesn't even know who the Lost Boyz are(were) so it was safe to say that this guy wouldn't.

Now let's talk about Bamas. I have heard this term thrown around for quite sometime and I finally met a BAMA. Soon as he opened his mouth the term BAMA was clarified. He was one of the dumbest guys that I ever came into contact with. That's all I have to say about this subject. Bama is a reference to one with country (Alabama) ways. It has now grown to classify anyone who is socially inept just plain stupid.

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