Monday, October 07, 2002

So what chu sayin'?

Do you remember that song from hip-hop's hey day? I think it was EPMD, Erick and Parrish Making Dollars, and I must say that was a mighty stupid name for a group. The point is that I have installed comments so that it makes it easier for people to write to me about this without emailing. So ask questions but remember everyone else can see them too.

I'm still breaking out from cat hair attacks and well maybe it isn't cat hair? Well for the record we will just say it is and the cats will stay gone. My roomate Cheryl is great! She made cornbread for me and it was sooo yummy and I don't think she used jiffy!

My new thing for right now is Bikram Yoga. This is where they heat up the room to 100 degrees and you then do a series of 26 postures. It feels so good to sweat this much and honestly I can feel my body changing only after a week. I sit up much straighter and I feel muscles working. It's kind of expensive though but so long as I am blessed to afford it I will keep doing it. I was also going to buy a bike but then someone then told me that Rock Creek National Park which is right next to my house is the place where Chandra Levy's (Gary Condit's Intern's) body was found. That's what's cool about my place, I am not to far from most things. There are more convenient neighborhoods but you pay convenience prices. The downside is that I lay awake late a night mostly because it's too noisy outside. There are so many crickets that make it hard for me to sleep. I feel like I am in the woods.

But what about Ajay? I miss him a lot especially because we were so close. Although we got on each others's nerves constantly I can say that if there was one person who was there for me without a doubt it would be him. Is he still going to be that for me? Does he want to be?

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