Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Who is the greatest R&B singer ever?

Not Stevie, not Marvin, he's like real soulful ummm errr umm? Donnie Hathway. Yes Donny Hathway that's him. Last week I hung out with this pretty cool chica that my friend introduced me to. After having some lovely french toast at the Diner we decided to hit up this Wednesday night gig after that. We go down there and it's about 8:30 and it is empty. These two guys tell us that they are playing the music of Bilal (Bee-lal) and "The greatest R&B singer ever," Donny Hathaway. So we thought that might be intresting so at the least we would come back a little later to see what was taking place. We come back to find out it's not Donny Hathaway it is Donnie. His music was cool but it sounded freakishly like Jeremiah, my old roomate, but everyone sounds like him to me these days. So the chica and I pick a spot on the couch and well we never move. Since at that time the sniper had not been caught the two guys that we had met earlier decided they didn't want to sit in front of the window anymore and they joined us on the couch. It seems as if the chica was left with the dork. The guy that sat next to me was this Ethiopian brother that was made cool. He has travelled extensively around the U.S. and the rest of the world. We had a good conversation and I hadn't had a good one like that with a male in a while. Twas quite refreshing. This is supposed to be DC adventures right but I haven't really got into many. So maybe tonight or this weekend I can have something much more lively to talk about.

I'm coming out (but in my own time)

I think I accidentally let the cat out fo the bag about someone's Lesbian tendencies to my mother. I thought it was common knowledge but I guess she wasn't fully out to everyone. I feel really bad and I prayed like I never prayed before that my mother doesn't go and tell other people. I truly made an ass out of me and well this could not be a good thing for her. So if this gets out I apologize in advance. I don't know what it is like to have to explain yourself to people who would never truly understand. For that I am truly sorry. Stab me with a fork please.

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