Thursday, October 03, 2002

HI Everyone!

I really doubt that anyone will read this but this is the new place to get updated on my life. Well I expect DC Adventures to be just as crazy as the orignal Boston version. The added plus is that I can stop clogging up your inboxes and you can check here as often as you wish. Now there is only one thing you have to agree to don't forward this link to my mother and no two-way paging my pops about this. I'm going to try and leave this as uncensorded as possible but you know....i can be a bit sarcastic, judgemental of first impressions (although you always get to make a 2nd), and sexually explicit as the boys in ATL know! (No really I am a good person-i think to myself)

Lesson I: Have an allergy test just for the hell of it

I have found a pretty good house in DC. I like the roomates so far and the neighborhood was just what I needed. I needed something where I would not be come too "bourgie" and continually disconnected from my peeps. It's in the Mt. Pleasant area and it's on the boder of crickets and crime. I'm in an area that is near the National Park so there are crickets galore but if you go just a few blocks south it's the Latino Headquarters and it's kinda sketchy. Now i'm not implying that Latinos are criminals but what I am implying is their are pupuseria's galore! What are pupusas? Well that is what google is for. I ride the bus and there are new arrivals, hippies, and investment bankers all meshing together as one. There are mixed opinions on Mt. Pleasant but so far it is cool for me. For example:

Person 1: Where do you live?
Me: Mt. Pleasant
Person 1: Watch out or you might get shot (c) some random rap song that i can't recall at the moment

Person 1: Where do you live?
Me: Mt. Pleasant
Person 1: I would love to live there it's so beautiful.

Of course I have to be safe wherever I am in DC because it isn't as safe as Boston. Just check the news to find out about the shooting spree in Maryland. For those of you who failed geography DC is in between Maryland and Virginia and you can't think DC with thinking MD and VA. That's the other thing I don't have a congressperson. Not that I would ever write him or her but just to know that I have one would be a nice feeling.

Side Bar:
For some reason LA, whether it be the eastside or compton, is so much safer than percieved because everyone drives. But what does this have to do with allergies you ask? Not really a damn thing but I will get to that in a minute.

Now the house has two cats and low and behold (wtf does that mean anyway) I find out that I am allergic. Even as I type there is a big red knot growing on my head. It's safe to say that I won't be getting any phone numbers at happy hour tonight. So the two roomates C and S are not thrilled with the cats either after they ate our pizza and then threw up the cheese on C's white rug. I showed H (the one with the cats) my hives and she tried to act like they were not that bad. So C and S told her to keep the cats out of the common areas. H threw a hissy fit and now the cats have disappeared. See here I go starting drama already. But I don't really give a damn because she is moving out anyway. The problem still remains because there is cat hair everywhere!

There is just so much to partake of in DC but I have to remember Boston felt the same way at first. The difference is that there are black people galore who have money and own things. That sounds like a dumb ass statement but trust me it matters. Black folks didn't own a damn thing in Boston. They used to do these things called "The Friendly Takeover" where they would send out an email to a black networking group to show up a bar and they would just chill and get them to play some our CDs. I never attended one but I am now realizing how absurd the concept is. We are unwelcomed guest so we try to take temporary ownership of their shit. That is so fucking ridiculous we need to own something. But again I digress.

Not that I really care who I kick it with, rememeber color sensebility is all that matters, but my interest happen to conincidence with most blacks folks interest. Mainly music, I like music made by black people not the majority of it. I'm not talking about the stuff you hear on the radio but I like black music. (note the term black music has no true meaning but you get the point). I just like a city doesn't cater to only one type of crowd. DC has a little something for everyone. I say little because compared to NYC it is just a little something but it is just what I need for now. There is also a good arts scence. For instance Carmen Jones starring Vannessa L. Willilams is playing in November we would never get such a thing is Boston! I'm an urban girl and I need an urban world. Not ghetto, not easty, but urban.

And for the consistenly most asked question. But what about Ajay? Well we are just friends for now. I wish things could be different but they aren't. It is really for the best. And if you are reading this know that you still have my heart and my hand :)

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