Thursday, January 04, 2007

Today my one of my best friends called me today. We only talk a couple of times a year but it doesn't matter because we are friends of quality and not quantity. I blatantly sat at my desk and talked to her for 30 mins while my boss kept walking by me handing me stuff. I simply didn't care. We caught up on so much stuff. She's one person who really knows me and even where we differ, she accepts me fully. We usually spend the holidays together and she and her husband are like my second family. She has been there to console me through many wack dudes and the crazy family antics around my mothers death. Even 3000 miles way I know she'll always be there for me. I also forgot that I gave her the link to this blog so she read but she needs to start commenting.

It got me thinking about all the predictions you make about your future lives. We predicted who would get married first:

College Predictions: Aisha, Sher, Jen
Results: Sher, Jen, ....Aisha's still waiting

High School Predictions: Aisha, Lisa, Quynh, Michelle
Results: Lisa, Quynh,...Michelle would be married if it wasn't for superstitous in-laws, Aisha's still waiting.

It's funny what you think will happen but life has other plans for you. We always sit around (drinking) laughing at these predictions. I was at the top of everyone's list because I dated more than anymore else. I guess I just love trail and error. For a little while (like 24hrs) I was stressing being last but really, I enjoy my life so what does it matter? I think women are socialized to have this artificial sort of competiton. It's reallys stupid and pointless.

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rashad said...

1)My two good friends call about once a week while at my work, and i can pretty much write off any degree of productivity for about 30 min. all i do is laugh(quietly of course) and curse(quietly yet again.)

2)It is funny to see where I projected myself to be, in relation to where i ended up. it can be depressing when you think about it; however, the silver lining is that life would be hella boring if I could predict and layout my every move back in h.s.