Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

I'm really tired right now because I just devoured a meal of ribs, grilled octopus, black eyed peas, greens, roasted potatoes and champagne. I passed on the quail, pig feet, vegetable medley and cornbread. I think I may pass out but not before I taste the rice pudding.

Last wee I was nearly ready to break up with my significant other because I thought he hadn't gotten me anything for Christmas. I don't give to get but come on! I came back from vacation and he made me creme brulee with the gift I gave him. So I'm just waiting for him to bless me with my gift. He hands me a book "101 Things to do with a Tortilla." Cute huh? But really umm I was still looking for my gift. Then he lets me know that he hadn't got me a gift. I was about to get a lil beligerent until he said it was because he didn't know what color to get.

Now I present to you the piece de resistance:

A five quart KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. As you can see I want Chrome. It also comes with a icecream maker attachment. I will be in full effect from now on. This doesn't bode well for my diet plans though.


rashad said...

So would you really break up with your man over the lack of a Christmas or birthday gift? i've done it before, so I know the feeling, but I don't know whether i'm in the minority or not

Saunshine said...

He definitely saved himself with that gift. The chrome is soooo pretty.

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...


I don't know if I would actually break up but he'd be on my shit list. It's almost unforgiveable. It's selfish if you've agreed to get each other gifts. Now we do optional gifts for some holidays but we've agreed in advance.

All that to say he did buy his own birthday gift this year. I told hiim to buy it and I'd reimburseme him when I got a job. Well it's been 6 months...ahem. I swear I need to give a $1 a day for the next year so I can actually pay for it. He still keeps me around despite it. But he doesn't let me forget it.